Tina Wilke is a media artist, filmmaker and artivist from East Berlin who works with screens and projections on the topics of collective memory, postmodern belief systems and decolonial methods of community building.
She studied Art and Media at the University of the Arts (Udk) Berlin and has a master's degree in Theatre with New Media and Interactivity from the Universidad Nacional de las Artes (UNA) Buenos Aires.

Foto: Ben Plefka


Collaboration with Laura Fong Prosper and Matías Brunacci 
Virtual Reality (VR), Roomscale 2021, english and german 
supported by: BBK - NEUSTART KULTUR

A donation of two hundred 16mm film reels from the second half of the 20th century gave us access to an impressive archive, whose utopian ideas we are revitalizing from today's perspective and bringing them to life in the form of a VR.
Parts of the historical material have been digitized and transferred into a virtual space, where they create a vision of the future conjured from memories.
Postcolonial memory, retrofuturist aesthetics, and queer ecology merge in an archaeological process of re-imagining other possible futures. Here, document and fiction intersect and merge into a speculative vision that enables a cross-cultural and intergenerational transfer of knowledge and symbols. This roomscale VR experience begins in a futuristic tunnel that leads to a utopian island through which the audience can freely navigate using joysticks. They can explore various video sculptures built out of the digitized films that dialogue with critical contemporary thoughts.

Foto: Ben Plefka


Short film directed by Miguel Goya and Tina Wilke
2021, 18 min, Full HD

With the outbreak of the pandemic in Germany, the lives of a group of young migrants are diametrically modified. Being left without work possibilities in Berlin´s first Lockdown they make their way to an industrial flower farm where they live and work for a month, sharing a container. The electronic eye of their cell phones observes them moving through a new hostile work environment, crossing paths with other migrants, creating friendships and getting lost. Between selfies and ephemeral voice messages glimpses the bitter destiny of a youth who migrated to Europe in search of a better future.

Restless Monuments

Essay Film from 3d Render, 06:00 min, Full HD

The video work Restless Monuments is a result of an ongoing research on marginalized belief systems like the Popular Saints of South America that I understand as a collective and non-institutional counter reaction to the colonial violence of the conquistadors.
The resulting polymorphic figures of contemporary popular saints interweave the political, the religious, the popular, the official, the real and the fictional. Symbols of the nation state are related to the oral myths and phenomena of popular faith, creating a ritual space where mourning and praising oscillate within the process of de-linking and unlearning, interweaving and connecting historical and contemporary material and sources.
Restless Monuments starts with moving images of current anti-racist and decolonial uprisings and monument demolitions applied as textures to monuments and buildings and then opens up the space for new monument creations as an intent to represent a resisting collective body in constant transformation and movement, as a counter representation outside of the hegemonic discourse of institutions and the nation states, adapting to circumstances, precarious and flexible at the same time.  

comissioned by Galerie EIGENHEIM & MKV Medienkunstverein: Edition Box #5 - Digital Art

INTERLOCK #2: Null Island

Organized by medienkunstverein and raum on demand 

Curated and with works by
Laura Prosper FongMaryna Makarenko, Tina Wilke

Null Island describes the place in the Atlantic Ocean, where geographic coordinates meet at point zero. It is an imaginary island of human projections that reach beyond physical places. An isolated gatehouse in Berlin Mitte turns into an installation of this mystical Null island, an oasis of imaginary worlds and non-existing maps. There, Maryna Makarenko, Laura Fong Prosper and Tina Wilke initiate a dialogue on questions of belonging, nostalgia, and a desire for the unattainable.

10. –14.03.2021 raum on demand, Alte Münze Berlin

Wire Works

Montage und Videocollage TINA WILKE
Artdirector und Kamera SALVADOR BURRELL
Musik und Komposition SEBASTIAN HUNEEUS
comissioned by mommsen35


Curator and designer of virtual exhibition in collaboration with Technical (TU) University Berlin

In the Seminar “History and Future of Technology” Students collaborated with external scientists and artists on the topic of nuclear energy, contamination and renewable energy with their social and environmental impacts.
Project coordination: Dr. Andreas Jüttemann, Martin Schlecht
Developer: Matías Brunacci

Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo EAC, Montevideo, Uruguay, 2019

In a syncretic gesture, video recordings of social struggles and manifestations of popular forms of expression merge with digital 3D models of national monuments within a multimedial pilgrimage. The resulting polymorphic figures of contemporary popular saints interweave the political, the religious, the popular, the official, the real and the fictional. The public space and the digital sphere merge and comment on each other in a process of digital syncretism.
This multimedia pilgrimage site is a continuation of my artistic research on the Santos Populares (profaine Saints), for which I arrange eclectic altars consisting of videos, 3D models, self-designed LED candles and window pictures.
With the intention of deconstructing neocolonial narratives, oral myths and current social movements enter into a discourse with the official narratives of the nation state

Ruhrtriennale, Maschinenbaus, Essen, Germany, 2019  

N.E.W. alias Sabine Ercklentz, Andrea Neumann and Ute Wassermann + Guests Kaffe Matthews, Katharina Ernst, Tina Wilke
Afro-american singer performer Eartha Kitt as Catwoman in the 1960s white, male TV series ‚Batman’ was the trigger to make this show. We found her to be an iconic figure of female empowerment which took us, six white female artists, on individual journeys making 4 chapters, gradually finding a collective super power on the way.

RePresente, Kollektiv Compos, Documentary, 60 min - Argentina / Germany 2020

The documentary portraits the diverse and intersectional alternatives of economies and human relations proposed by Argentinians social movements from the base, that act in the field of feminism, self-managed and cooperative economies as well as ecological and community-supported agriculture. In their own words, the protagonists that have fought in recent years’ struggles, share their stories and perspectives, which relate and intersect on various levels and show possible paths for a sustainable and just future. RePresente is a documentary that seeks to open a space for voices, explanations, anecdotes but also images and dynamics of a world that does not stop to inspire us - a world that provides us with new inputs for debate, criticism and creation.
The documentary is a collaboration between German and Argentine alternative media collectives which has its origin in the intense days of December 2018 when the G20 summit took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Ancestral Futurism - State of Saints

 Montana Cruz, Berlin
Germany 2019

Hybrid belief systems materialize in Form of an eclectic profane shrine, negotiating the contrary thus connected relation between the narratives that constitute nation states, opposed and entangled with those of a non-institutional popular faith.
The mixed media Installation “State of Faith” shows my research stage on contemporary belief models within the postcolonial context of multilayered perspectives on history and collective memory. That for I investigated popular saints from Argentina, which are not recognised by the churches but nevertheless play an important role for the building of identity within mostly marginalized populations.

Die Reise. Ein Trip, WERK X-Petersplatz, Vienna, Austria

tangent.COLLABORATIONS takes Vesper's "novel essay" on a journey and makes this monster of a text tangible with three actors in a multimedia stage performance. Various places, situations and time levels interweave to form a dense web of childhood memories, lucid and megalomaniac social analyses and a consciousness-altering horror trip. Because: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."


(I)collective work as utopia
(II)Art as a space for action

How do art and utopia connect? How do our ways of working, our interaction, our networks and our potential for action affect society? Diverse artistic positions discussed alternative forms of working and networking as well as anti-racist, decolonial and anti-patriachial strategies of creation. Short performative interventions by the invited artists* created a shared sensual experiences and structured the panel.

Congress “Future for All” Leipzig, Germany 2020

Holy Colonies

Begehungen Festival

Chemnitz, Germany, 2018

New species from the exotic distance have made their ways into our gardens. Will these neophytes, with their strange myths and customs, displace the native german dwarfs? Just like Garden Gnomes, popular Saints are traces of a mythical and archaic civilization. Stigmatized as devilish or pagan by the missionaries in the course of the colonization of the “Americas”, parts of old myths and spirits survived through the fusion with the Christian tradition. The externalized and outsourced “Other”, disguised as the “Known”, is rendered into the summer huts of Chemnitz, artistically reflecting upon the categories of the native and the tradition as practices of creating cultural boundaries.

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She works as a live-camera operator with Katie Mitchell on various theater productions


Tina collaborated with various directors on stage performances and theater plays


>  EIGENHEIM Edition #5 – Digital Art Collection, Galerie EIGENHEIM, Berlin, Germany 
>  Künstler aus Gebäude F, Memories of other possible Futures, Berlin, Germany 
>  Residency at Raum on Demand, Alte Münze, Berlin, Germany
>  CLUSTERED MINDS, mkv x The Wrong TV, Online-Stream
>  nuclear-landscapes.de , curation and layout of group online exhibition: nuclear-landscapes.de
>  INTERLOCK#2 Null Island, Raum on Demand, organized by medienkunstverein e.V., Alte Münze, Berlin 

< 2020 >
> DIE REISE. EIN TRIP: Tangent CollaborationsWERK X-Petersplatz, Vienna, Austria 
> Freedom of Movement: Labor Sonor, Kunsthaus Kule, Berlin, Germany
> Workers Unite Film Festival, Film RePresente, Ney York, USA

< 2019 > 
> Santa Colonia, Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo, Montevideo, Uruguay 
Ruhrtriennale, Eartha’s Guide to Everyday Living, Essen, Deutschland
Parallel Screens, 1805 Gallery, San Diego, USA
Touching from the Distance II, Goethe Institut Toronto, Canada
> Ancestral Futurism, Montana Cruz, Berlin, Germany 

< 2018 >  
Begehungen Festival, Chemnitz
> Geografías Ajenas, Galeria Convoi, Buenos Aires

< 2017 > 
Wuzhen Festival Forum: THE MUTUAL INVASION OF STAGE AND SCREEN, Wuzhen, China
Transacciones Informales, Bogotá, Colombia
> Uncategorized Factoids, Video Revival, New York
> Current Situation, KulturRaum Zwingli-Kirche, Berlin

< 2016 >
Atlas of MediaThinking and MediaActing in Berlin, Transmediale Berlin
> The Society for Nontrivial Pursuits, Sprektrum, Berlin

< 2015 >
> "TheWroNg" 2015 Digital Art Biennale Embassy of Argentina, Buenos Aires

< 2014 >
V Festival Internacional de Videopoesía – VideoBardo. Bali Zabala Espacio de Arte y tecnología, Buenos Aires
> FASE 6. Encuentro de Arte y Tecnología. Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires
> Festival Arte al Cubo - Fondo Nacional de las Artes.
> Post(obj){}, Centro Cultural Haroldo Conti, Buenos Aires

< 2013 >
> Berliner Festspiele – Theatertreffen 2013 Berlin
Festival D ́Avignon 2013 Avignon, France

< 2012 >
> Museo de Calcos y Escultura Comparada “Ernesto de la Cárcova”, Buenos Aires
> FFAA II, Festival for applied accustics, UFA Kinopalast Cologne


> “Future for all” Congress - Organization of Arts and Culture Programm: Panel ART FOT UTOPIA, short movie tour COLOURS OF THE EARTH, Leipzig, Germany - 08/2020 
> “Hypertext Less” in “Hate on me”  The Proxy and Its Politics, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin
> 17vo Encuentro de Cooperación e Intercambio (ECI), Centro Cultural San Martin, Buenos Aires
> Congreso Internacional de artes. Revueltas del arte. Buenos Aires
> Jornada de Becarios, Tesistas y Graduados Universidad Nacional de las Artes, Buenos Aires
> Congreso Internacional de Teatro / 5. Congreso Nacional de Teatro, Buenos Aires